The Wind Master's Skill   48" x 48"  This commission started with my client wanting Saguaro cactus in a desert scene with Native Americans, horses and it had to feature a bird. Trained by the Native Americans, the bird of prey is a Harris' Hawk, the Wind Master, and it's skill is hunting small game.

Corporate Clients
Some corporate clients that have purchased my original artwork:

Bass Pro Shops

Capital Records
Cable Magazine
Cloud Peak Publishing
America West Airlines
Arizona Cardinals
Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Firebirds
Best Western
Arizona Lottery
Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix Zoo

Desert Foothill LandTrust
The New Times

Fair is the white star of twilight,
And the moon roving
To the sky's end;
But she is fairer, better worth loving,
She, my heart's friend.

Commissions for Private Clients

I would love to do a special custom created painting for you. I have over 10,000 amazing photographs to use as reference from 1800's Western reenactments, Native American powwow dances and regalia, Western roundup events, rodeos, ranch scenes, mountain men rendezvous, and wildlife nature scenes. These are important resources gathered over years of travel and research. I guarantee that you would see images that you have never dreamed of and they would spark some excitement for a painting in your home. For example, as a commission client, you might see a cowgirl photo that you like and prefer to have her in a mountain scene with a dramatic sky and add your dog. Perfect! I can combine images to create a final painting. If you have an idea that I don't have reference for, I would hire models and set it up. Of course you would allow me some artistic leeway, but all the elements would be there. It's always exciting to see the final product.

My original paintings, drawings, and sculptures are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Original paintings can be commissioned from as small as
5" x 7" to as large as 6' x 10'.

Prices are determined by the size, the number of complex elements, whether you want a frame and the cost of the frame, and the time schedule. I usually accept half up front to begin a painting, but I am flexible on terms.

Big Snowbird Creek, Middle Falls  (North Carolina). My client, who had purchased Western themed paintings from me, wanted a painting of his two grandsons fishing at the waterhole that he fished at when he was growing up and that he took his son to when he was growing up. A meaningful family heirloom.

She, My Heart's Friend  24" x 18"  My client gave me total artistic license on this one, wanting only Native Americans in a mountain scene. I came up with this idea of a young Shoshone couple, wanting an adventure, leaving the elders to start a life of their own.

The title comes from this Shoshone Love Song:

Fair is the white star of twilight,
and the sky clearer at the day's end;
But she is fairer, and she is dearer.
She, my heart's friend!

Art of the American West

Far stars and fair in the skies bending,
Low stars of hearth fires and wood smoke ascending,
The meadow-lark's nested,
The night hawk is winging;
Home through the star-shine the hunter comes singing.

Randy Galloway

Arizona Trend Mag.
Bill Johnson’s Restaurant
Cabo Restaurant
Eddies Grill Restaurant
Camelback Village Square Shopping Center
Glenn Moor at Troon Village
Dawson Ridge Development
First American Engineers
General Semiconductor
Mill Avenue Merchants
Affiliated Writers of America
ASU Publications
ASU Athletic Department
ASU Alumni Assoc.
J. Calloway’s Christmas Store
American Fence